Combating COVID-19 - what are the new data processing practices?

As I arrived at my children's nursery last week (Edit: now several weeks ago!), their temperatures were taken, and it was requested that I not come beyond the entranceway. My husband, who had returned from abroad the week before, was asked to complete a travel questionnaire. This asked him where he had been, whether he had a cough or a temperature, and with whom he may have come into contact. My husband's employer has cancelled his next work trip, closed its physical offices, and asked all staff to work from home. He has been asked to inform his manager if he develops the symptoms of COVID-19. When I tried to sign up for supermarket delivery this week, two supermarkets gave me the option to identify if I was a vulnerable individual who may need a priority slot.

This article discusses how to set up new COVID-19 health and data-collection practices in a way that also addresses data protection compliance and risks. This is the Irish version, but the UK version is due to be published shortly!

Read the full article “Combating COVID-19 – what are the new data processing practices?” published in Volume 13, Issue 2 of the PDP Data Protection Ireland Journal (

Olivia Whitcroft, principal of OBEP, 3 April 2020

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