OBEP’s services

What legal services can OBEP provide?

Data protection and information law

  • Assisting with compliance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation
  • Drafting information management frameworks, including overarching policies, customer notices, checklists for access requests, data sharing, security and breaches
  • Undertaking risk and compliance reviews (including assisting with data protection impact assessments and data protection audits) of proposed and existing projects, for example outsourcing, technology services, monitoring and surveillance, data analytics, technology services and data sharing
  • Advising on information sharing, including requests for data from individuals or authorities, objections to data disclosures, associated complaints and regulatory investigations
  • Advising on privacy issues associated with direct marketing and cookies
  • Drafting appropriate data processing terms between customers and technology or service providers
  • Advising on international data transfer arrangements
  • Assisting with investigation and remediation of actual or alleged data breaches

Technology and commercial contracts

  • Drafting and negotiating software development, assignment and licensing agreements for applications, data management, websites, online services and other technology solutions
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements for systems support, data hosting, backup, hardware maintenance
  • Drafting terms of service for business and consumer customers, advising on contracting procedures and associated risks
  • Advising on e-commerce and consumer compliance issues for applications and websites
  • Advising on other arrangements with third parties, such as agency relationships, sub-contracting models and commercial collaborations

Intellectual property

  • Advising on copyright ownership and licensing issues, including those associated with software development, websites and technology solutions
  • Advising on the protection of brands, including advice on trade marks, passing off and domain names
  • Advising on the protection of know-how and confidential information
  • Undertaking risk assessments for proposed and existing projects, such as acquisition or exploitation of intellectual property assets


  • Training and presentations on general or specialised issues relating to data protection, intellectual property, technology and commercial contracts

How can OBEP assist start-up and small businesses or individuals?

OBEP is able to give small businesses and individuals legal advice which they need in setting up or expanding their business and/or dealing with other businesses. For example, OBEP can assist clients in:

  • Entering into contracts and understanding terms.
  • Deciding on appropriate terms of business for customers and clients.
  • Protecting assets such as know-how, brand and data.
  • Dealing with other (potentially much larger) businesses, including protecting rights and getting a good legal position out of a commercial deal.
  • Complying with legal requirements, such as data protection and e-commerce regulations.

How can OBEP assist established businesses?

OBEP can assist well-established businesses with specific expertise for legally complex matters, for example:

  • Entering into complex contracts with customers and suppliers.
  • Negotiating terms of contracts.
  • Specialist data protection, technology and IP issues arising from existing or new systems or business areas or transactions.

OBEP can also assist businesses in regularly reviewing and updating their standard contracts (e.g. customer terms) and compliance measures (e.g. data protection and e-commerce).

How much will OBEP charge?

OBEP seeks to offer legal advice that is both affordable and of a high quality.

Where appropriate, OBEP can advise on cost-effective ways of addressing your legal need and prioritisation of issues and actions. OBEP can also look to work within any specified legal budgets which you may have.

To discuss estimates for specific legal advice, please contact Olivia Whitcroft using the contact details.