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01/11/2013 Publication: Augmented reality – a leap into a new world

Augmented reality is a world that sits somewhere in between virtual reality and ‘real’ reality. It is frequently compared to the Terminator’s abilities from the films of the same name, in which Arnie (presumably having purchased Google Glass) can see computer-generated information about the person he is looking at superimposed in front of his eyes on top of the real world. My analogy is to an alternative sci-fi programme from the 1990s – Quantum Leap. This article discusses the privacy implications of the increasing use of augmented reality technology.

21/09/2013 Article: Subject access requests – recent developments

Whilst publicity on data protection matters is commonly packed full of data security breaches and the associated monetary penalties, August 2013 was a month for interesting developments in relation to subject access requests. So, stepping aside from the favourite security topic, this article is a catch up on SARs.

26/07/2013 Article: Update – Right to access emails held by former members of staff

Organisations may have access to business emails stored on personal computers of their officers or staff under the principles of agency. Emails can be ‘documents relating to the affairs of’ the organisation. An officer (the agent) should provide such documents to the organisation (the principal) upon termination of the relationship.

24/07/2013 Publication: Social Media – challenges in the control of information

In the online world, it easy to share information but hard to control it. We have seen an explosion in the use of social media, as individuals and organisations reap the benefits of networking, blogging and a wealth of information sources. On the other hand, they are seeking to protect their interests in how information is used by other parties.

24/06/2013 Article: ICO publishes Annual Report

On 20 June 2013, the ICO launched its annual report, containing details of its activities and financial statements between April 2012 and March 2013. The ICO describes its approach by reference to the ‘Five Es’: enforce, educate, empower, enable and engage.

11/03/2013 Publication: Bring Your Own Device — protecting data on the move

Bring your Own Device or ‘BYOD’ is the term used to describe employees using personally-owned devices (such as smartphones, laptops or tablets) for business purposes. This may include making business phone calls and storing customer contact details, or (much broader) access to, and use of, business networks, documents and databases.