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01/08/2018 Article: ICO publishes Annual Report 2017/2018

On 20 July 2018, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) published its annual report, containing details of its activities and financial statements between April 2017 and March 2018. Activities include assisting organisations to prepare for the GDPR, advice to the Government during the passage of the Data Protection Act 2018, and increased regulatory casework.

14/06/2018 Article: The GDPR is here! What now?

Three weeks ago, on 25 May 2018, the requirements of the GDPR kicked in across the EU. The UK Data Protection Act 2018 also appeared and applied from the same day. Preparations for compliance are ongoing, particularly as new UK and EU guidance continues to be produced. We still have the proposed new EU ePrivacy Regulation to look forward to, and, also on the horizon, we need to think about how Brexit impacts data protection compliance and risks.

26/04/2018 Publication: Is the GDPR aimed at freelancers and does it require contractors to register?

Published by Contractor UK (, this article addresses a question posted by a contractor: Contractors’ Questions: Does GDPR require contractors to register?.

The response looks at whether the GDPR applies to contractors and freelancers, and raises UK requirements to pay annual data protection fees.

Also published on Freelance UK ( – Freelancers’ Questions: Does GDPR require freelancers to register?

March 2018 Publication: Data Protection – A Practical Guide to UK And EU Law

Olivia Whitcroft has written the chapter on Data Protection Impact Assessments in the latest edition of the handbook: Data Protection – A Practical Guide to UK and EU Law (Edited by Peter Carey, 5th Edition, 2018, Oxford University Press).